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Rubinchik Cohen Dental Care – Redwood City

Our practice in our Redwood City Dental Clinic is designed to take care of all your dental needs. We offer a full range of services at affordable prices. Preventive dentistry is what we strive to provide. We will educate you in home care and nutrition, so that you can maintain a healthy mouth. Regular checkups and cleanings will ensure your teeth remain healthy and with you throughout your life.

Practice History

Our practice has a long history in Redwood City. It was the first group practice in the area. Started by Dr. Gus Fromm in 1928, in the Fromm Building, the practice moved in 1952 to Hopkins and Birch Streets. Dr. Jared Mills joined the practice in 1950 and Dr. James Wellman in 1952. Dr. Dale Rubinchik purchased the practice in 1985, and Dr. Jay Cohen joined in 1992. Our hygienists Carol Tolen and Helen Brown have been with the practice since the Wellman Mills Days, and Lily Nguyen came on board in 2003. After the retirement of Dr. Ernest Newbrun and Dr. William Laughlin in 2005, Dr. Toby Burgess joined us at our new award winning facility at 902 Woodside Road. In 2012, Dr. Alec J. Temlock was added to the staff.

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